Safari, Jungle, or Zoo-Themed Party

Planning a Safari, Jungle, or Zoo-themed party? Here are some ideas to get your guests ready for a roaring good time!

  • Decorate the place with balloons with safari animals shapes, such as lion, monkey, zebra, or elephant. {available at amazon.com}
  • MENU ideas: assorted animal crackers, sandwiches cut into animal shapes using cookie cutters, coconut shrimps,  and tropical fruit salad or tropical fruit punch


Movie Night Party Ideas

Movie nights are a great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion or just to get together with a group of friends. Keep reading to find some super fun ideas to make your movie night one to remember.

  • Lay out a red carpet at the entrance and take a polaroid snap shot of your guests as they arrive and make your guests feel like movie stars for the night.
  • Comfortable seating is a must! If your sofa space is limited, clear out your coffee table to make rooms for Floor Cushions or pillows, and make sure everyone has a clear view of the show.
  • Send your guests home with goody bags filled with bags of popcorns, assorted candy, and a printed snapshot of themselves that you took at the beginning of the party framed with this cute Hollywood Movie Director Clap Board Picture Frame {from amazon.com}


Bird Themed Baby Shower

A bird-themed baby shower is a perfectly adorable choice for honoring special parents-to-be as they welcome a new addition to their nest.


Princess Party Ideas

Make your little one feel like royalty on her birthday by throwing her a spectacular princess-themed party that she and her friends are sure to love. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What is a princess party without tiaras and fancy dresses? Ask your guests to come in their fanciest dresses and hand out tiaras as they arrive. These super cute Tiaras with Heart Stone (Set of 12) will make great party favors {amazon.com}
  • Serve 'royal' food to complete the theme, such as sandwiches cut into crown shape using a cookie cutter, chocolate fountain or chocolate fondue, or fruit kebabs. Serve the drinks in little teacups to make them feel like little ladies.

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